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Faculty and Admin Consulting

Unlock your full potential and achieve your career goals. We provide personalized coaching and support for administrative staff and faculty at all levels. Our services encompass:

  • Leadership Development: Enhance your leadership skills, build strong teams, and navigate complex academic environments.

  • Strategic Planning: Craft a clear vision, set achievable goals, and drive positive change within your department or institution.

  • Pre-Tenure & Pre-Promotion Support: Navigate the tenure and promotion process with confidence. Gain the skills and strategies to achieve your academic objectives.

Building on Strengths

Leadership Development:

  • Self-assessment: Identify your strengths and areas for development as a leader.

  • Leadership style exploration: Discover your unique leadership approach and how to leverage it for greater impact.

  • Communication and conflict resolution: Develop effective communication strategies and navigate challenging situations with confidence.

  • Motivating and inspiring teams: Foster a positive and productive work environment that fosters collaboration and achievement.

  • Delegation and workload management: Learn to delegate effectively and prioritize tasks for optimal efficiency.

  • Building influence and navigating institutional politics: Develop strategies to gain buy-in for your ideas and navigate complex academic politics.

Strategic Planning:

  • Vision and goal setting: Develop a clear vision for your department or initiative and set SMART goals to achieve it.

  • Environmental scan and stakeholder analysis: Identify key opportunities and challenges within the academic landscape.

  • Strategic planning frameworks: Utilize effective frameworks and tools to guide your planning process.

  • Resource allocation and budgeting: Optimize resource allocation and develop a sound budget strategy.

  • Performance measurement and evaluation: Establish metrics to track progress and evaluate the success of your plan.

Pre-Tenure & Pre-Promotion Support:

  • Understanding tenure and promotion expectations: Gain a clear understanding of the specific criteria and expectations for tenure or promotion at your institution.

  • Developing a strong dossier: Craft a compelling dossier that showcases your teaching, research, and service contributions.

  • Mentorship and career development: Benefit from personalized mentorship to guide your academic career trajectory.

  • Time management and productivity strategies: Learn strategies to manage your workload effectively and prioritize your research, teaching, and service commitments.

  • Mock interviews and practice presentations: Gain valuable practice and feedback to prepare for your tenure or promotion review.

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