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As a university professor, I have been involved in collecting, analyzing, and writing about data in the area of psychology for the past 15 years. I also serve as an ad hoc reviewer, assistant editor, and consultant for a number of scientific journals. And I have provided consulting services for companies to determine the effectiveness of their programs and their interventions and worked with businesses to enhance employee skills.  I have considerable background and training in affirmative therapy, assessment and measurement, research design, multicultural training, multicultural assessment and evaluation, ethics, and empirically supported and empirically based treatments for psychological disorders.  Much of my research has focused on the relationship between access to care, aspects of marginalization, and social supports and how those aspects influence well-being.

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The following represent a selection of publications, grant work, and other research activities.  I am always glad to collaborate with other researchers and scholars.



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2 Undergraduate Student Collaboration

Refereed Journal Articles

*Syme, M. L., & Cohn, T. J. (2020). Aging sexual stereotypes and sexual expression in mid-and later life: examining the stereotype matching effect. Aging & Mental Health, 1-8.

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Encyclopedia Entries and Dictionary Entries

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Book Chapters

*Cohn, T. J. & Tsai, P. (2020). Delivering psychological services to rural clients. In J. Zimmerman, J. Barnett, & L. Campbell (Eds.), Bringing Psychotherapy to the Underserved: Challenges and Strategies (208-228). Oxford, England, UK: Oxford University Press.

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Publications In Review 

*Syme, M. L., Graf, A. Cohn, T. J., & Cornelison, L. (In review). Sexuality in later life. In G. Asmund (Ed.), Comprehensive Clinical Psychology (xxx-xxx). Elsevier.

Publications In Revision for Resubmission

*1Goldstein, A. L., Hastings, S. L., Cohn, T. J., & Steele, J. C. (In revision, 2019). The impact of mindfulness and values on caregivers. The International Journal of Aging and Human Development.


Technical Reports, Products, and Popular-Press Publications

Hirsch, J. K., Hirsch, K. K., Mann, A., Williams, S. L., Dodd, J., Cohn, T. J., & Chang, E.C. (Spring, 2017). Post-election concerns about rights and safety are related to the mental health of LGBTQ Communities: This is not fake news. Forward Newsletter, 257. Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.

Hirsch, J. K., Kaniuka, A., Brooks, B., Hirsch, K. K., Cohn, T. J., & Williams, S. L. (Spring, 2017). Post-election distress and resiliency in LGBTQ communities: An overview of real data, not alternative facts. Invited newsletter article for Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues, Division 44, American Psychological Association.

Curtin, L., & Cohn, T. J. (2015) Overview of rural communities, context, challenges, and resilience. Psychology and AIDS Newsletter, Downloaded here:

Cohn, T. J. (2008, February). The scales of just us: How equity and fairness in a relationship can lead to better sex. The New River Voice, 12-14.

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Cohn, T. J. (2007, February). The break up artist: What psychology can tell us about heartache. Verge, 21-34.

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Cohn, T. J. (2003) Quick Reference Guide: Accessing Resources in the Community. National Distribution to all Federally Funded Workforce Center. Funded by the Department of Labor. (Center for Research on Learning). Lawrence, KS: University of Kansas. 

Cohn, T. J. (2002) Road to Success: Instructional Principles Training Compact Disk: Supplement to Report to the State of Kansas, Social and Rehabilitation Services. Funded by the Department of Labor. (Center for Research on Learning). Lawrence, KS: University of Kansas.

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