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Building Stronger, More Diverse, and Inclusive Communities

Every individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from reaching their highest potential. Dr. Tracy Cohn provides expert guidance and impactful motivation to start a new journey toward designing your life with intention.

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Diversity Training

A Happy, Healthier Organization

Using empirically-supported methods grounded in social psychology, Dr. Cohn offers training related to responding to critical-incidents, diversity enhancement interventions, and multicultral training and sensitivity.

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Diversity Training & Business Coaching

I’ve compiled a list of the most frequent questions that I have received over my career. It’s normal and encouraged for clients to ask many questions when choosing to work with coach. Here are some answers to the questions I receive the most. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch.

What topics are you able to address?

I have a broad background and deep experience in a variety of topics including: micro aggressions, anti-racism, inclusive leadership, and diversity training.

What are your qualifications?

Great question!  I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and English literature, during which I focused on the role of sexuality and power in literature.  I have a master's degree and doctoral degree in psychology, with a cognate in human sexuality.  For over a decade, I've taught courses in human sexuality, diversity, research with regard to human sexuality. Most of my research is focused on the lived experiences of historically marginalized populations. I've also received over $200,000 in grant funding focused on diversity and mental health.

What's your approach to coaching and trainings?

Many presenters use a deficit-model, focusing on what is missing, dysfunctional, or damaged in the organization. Focusing on the negative, is ineffective and people don't engage. Using a growth-mindset, with the understanding that people are capable of growth and change, presentations focus on building on the strengths and opportunities of the organization, and using those strengths to respond to obstacles or challenges.

What is the cost for coaching and other services?

Prices vary, depending on the needs of the organization and complexity of services. Please reach out for a comprehensive pricing plan.

We aren't in Virginia.  Is that a problem?

Not at all.  With all the digital technologies at our disposal, why limit yourself by geography? Virtual trainings allow businesses to offer high-quality trainings while controlling the cost of hotel, airfare, and other associated expenses.  Let's get to work! Unfortunately, psychotherapy sessions are only available for clients living in Virginia.

Why should we work with you?

Life isn't a competition. There are a lot of really great coaches, speakers, and diversity trainers. You should pick the best one for you and your organization. Did you know that in therapy, 30% of improvement and change comes from the relationship you have with the therapist? I think the same probably applies to coaching.  Find someone that you click with--you have to have a strong relationship. My training in psychology, my background in building businesses, my leadership positions with foundations and non-profits, my grant writing experience, and university affiliations, offer me a unique and informed perspectives to offer guidance to others.

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